With over fifty years’ experience in shipping, TurboJET is the market leader in high-speed passenger transportation in Hong Kong and Macau providing a round the clock service to millions of passengers each year.

In addition to connecting ports of Hong Kong with Macau, Turbojet also offer a number of routes in collaboration with Hong Kong International Airport creating a simple link with numerous ports in the Pearl River Delta through the hub at Skypier providing a quick and easy ferry service for transfer passengers.

TurboJET aim to offer you the ultimate travel experience and on board you’ll find a selection of seating including Economy, Super and Premier Grand as well as a selection of food, beverage and tax-free goods.

The Super Class cabin features flexible adjustable contoured-seats and tickets include a complimentary meal and newspapers, priority disembarkation and the exclusive use of the Super Class waiting lounge.

Premier Grand Class offers passengers the highest level of luxury and includes hot meals, wine and a choice of beverages during the journey, all provided in a luxurious environment.

Turbojet’s large fleet of high-speed vessels include jetfoils and catamarans capable of carrying between 190 and 400 passengers and travelling at speeds of up to 45 knots.

With directferries.com you can find TurboJet timetables, fares and book TurboJet ferry tickets. Where applicable we’ll also compare TurboJet with alternative ferry companies.

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