Sado Kisen

Sado Kisen operate a regular passenger service between the Niigata Prefecture on mainland Japan to Sado Island off the west coast of the country. There are currently two return routes in operation, these link Niigata with Ryotsu and also Ogi with Naoetsu.

Ogi is a port town in the south of Sado Island and connects with the Naoetsu Port. Naoetsu can be found in the south of Niigata Prefecture, approximately four hours’ drive away from Tokyo. Ryotsu links the north of the island with Niigata in the north of the Prefecture. There are a number of daily services between both routes, throughout the year, shipping both tourists and local residents alike.

Between Niigata and Ryotsu passengers have the option to travel on a dedicated passenger ferry or on a car ferry. The jetfoil passenger vessel completes the crossing in an hour, whilst if you choose to take your vehicle, you’ll arrive in approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. Ogi and Naoetsu is connected by a highspeed car ferry. This crossing takes just 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete. provides an impartial ferry comparison service allowing you to view numerous ferry company timetables and fares in one quick and easy search. Compare Sado Kisen timetables and prices now with all alternative ferry operators before booking your ferry ticket.

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