Caremar is an Italian ferry operator and was a subsidiary of the state-owned Tirrenia di Navigazione until 2009, when it was carried over to the Campania regional government. Based in Naples, they offer routes to the stunning offshore islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida from a few ports on the mainland.

With a maximum capacity for 4,800 passengers each day, and with a total of four traditional motor ships, two high-speed ferries, a hydrofoil, one catamaran and a singular Fast Unit, Caremar is one of the busiest operators in the Bay of Naples. With a network of routes spanning over seven ports, they can also carry up to 300 vehicles.

Managed by a team of officers and well-experienced crew, every ship contains full air-conditioning and well-stocked cafeterias and snack bars, while the larger ferries, named Adeona, Driade, Fauno and Naiade, also provide on-board entertainment and expansive seating areas for your comfort. In terms of the fleet’s speed and efficiency, the catamaran; named Achernear, reaches an impressive 30 knots, as does the hydrofoil; Aldebardan, and the fast ferry; Isola di San Pietro.

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