Pukwan Ferry

Pukwan Ferry is a Korean operator linking the city of Busan with Shimonoseki, a southern Japanese city located in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Now a leading company in the Korean car ferry transportation field, Pukwan Ferry was established in 1965 when it opened the first car ferry route between Korea and Japan. Today, it is regarded as a model corporation, contributing significantly to the national economy, social development and thriving tourism industry.

Currently operating two luxurious vessels every day, these ships have everything you would expect in terms of facilities from a top quality ferry company, making your journey as pleasant and comfortable as it can be. Moreover, Pukwan Ferry is unique in how it has obtained the AEO certificate for comprehensive safety management, the only company in Korea to do so. Further awards include the official certification status of the ISM code in 1998, thanks to their motto of ‘safety, environmental protection and continuous improvement of the safety management system.’

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